Timothy Keller, Pastor (M.Div.)

Our pastor loves books which means he loves preaching and teaching, but he also loves people. His passion is to see people flourish using every gift God has given them to serve others. Native to California, Timothy came to Michigan for seminary but stayed after he fell in love with Gospel Life. Married in 2003 to his creative wife Rebekah, together on mission, life has been and continues to be an adventure.

Rebekah Keller, Creative Director

Rebekah is our official "think outside the box" specialist. She's always pushing us towards forward thinking not only with all things creative but also with our mission. Rebekah loves Jesus and has a huge heart for people. When Rebekah's not at GL, she usually giving people rides, seriously. She's one of those people who doesn't know how much we love her. She's the great woman behind our pastor and without her, Timothy always says he couldn't do ministry.


Cliff Roberts, Worship Leader, Leadership Team

Don't let the rough exterior fool you. Cliff loves people. His most famous contribution at Gospel Life is implementing hugs. He's even got our pastor hugging people. Cliff's love for people means he's always trying to get people on stage to use their talents. 

Cliff is an electrician and can fix almost anything. Cliff is married to his lovely wife Amber with four kids. When he's not at GL, he's either blessing someone with his handyman skills or fishing at Belle Isle with his wife.


Jeff Swanson, Deacon, Community Group Leader, Leadership Team

Jeff is a local business owner with a heart of gold. He makes sure we keep our heart for our community, plus we can always count on Jeff for wisdom and experience.

When Jeff isn't at GL, he's either managing his business, helping someone, or at his cottage with his wife. His passion for God is a driving force at Gospel Life.


Diane Scott, Treasurer, Women's Discipleship 

Diane is a native of the Detroit Metro area and has lived in Clawson since 2001. She is blessed to have one adult son and 2 growing grandchildren who live in Oakland County.  She works full time as a software engineer and loves using technology to make life more efficient for herself and others.

She is a science fiction fan, particularly of all versions of Star Trek.  She has always loved to read and currently she is reading is focused on studying to become a Noutheic Counselor. 

She has been the church treasurer since 2010 and has been able to combine her past and present employment experiences to help the leadership make wise financial decisions and to assist members with personal budgeting.

Diane came to know Jesus as her Lord and Savior over 30 years ago and considers herself fortunate to be able to grow in grace and to serve Jesus through Gospel Life Church.  


Gabby McCafferty, Gospel Kids

Gabby moved to Michigan from her native California with her husband, Jess, so he could take a job as an engineer for GM. Gabby also works at Care Net in Berkley, another ministry she is passionate about. Rest assured your children are in good hands with Gabby’s tender loving care.


Andrew Madry, Community Group Leader, Leadership Team

 Andrew works for the city fo St. Clair Shores, and is gifted with all things mechanical, and loves to “tinker” in his garage. Andrew is the kind of man that will get you fired up about the right things. He has a big heart and pours his passion into serving the men at Gospel Life.


Carla Harnden, Hospitality

Carla grew up in Madison Heights and brought her family back to live in the house she grew up in 25 years ago. When she's not serving as the Hospitality Coordinator at GL, singing with the GL band, or caring for her family, she is working full time as a customer service rep for a company headquartered here in “the Heights.” Carla has been married to her husband Tom for 15 years and together they have 1 amazing son, 3 beautiful daughters and 4 wonderful grandchildren. She walked through the doors of GL in January of 2011 looking for religion, but instead met Jesus and fell in love. One of her biggest blessings is to serve her GL family by coordinating opportunities for everyone to break bread together. She looks forward to what God has in store for her future and the future of Gospel Life Church.


Ben Zhu, Media Director

Ben grew up in China, but moved to Japan to complete his high school education, where he found Jesus. Ben moved to Michigan to pursue a Ph.D. in nutrition at Wayne State. We call Ben our “sound-booth genius” and he keeps our tech running well. His favorites are photography,  videography and of course cooking delicious food for people. Grab him anytime if you’d like to try authentic Chinese food and hot-pot; all are welcome. 


Jack Reedy, Assistant Worship Leader

Jack, a graduate of D.I.M.E. works tirelessly behind the scenes to keep our worship team going. When he’s not on tour with his band No Alarms, he’s hanging out with friends and being creative. Jack keeps us older folks in touch with culture and the cutting-edge of worship music and all things tech.