Building/Equipment Use Form

Building use for events in our Fellowship Hall is open to all as long the event falls within the parameters of our statement of faith. We do seek to allow as many people as possible to use the building within our guidelines. However, weddings in the auditorium are reserved for our members.

Equipment use is for members only with a small fee that is reinvested in replacing our existing equipment.

All events must take place within building hours unless pre-approved:

  • Monday thru Thursday, 8AM—10:00PM

  • Friday 8AM—11:30PM

  • Saturday 8AM—11:30PM

This includes set-up and clean-up time. No private events shall be scheduled during worship services. 

Please solicit volunteers for as much of the set-up, clean-up and other services as possible. 

Please call (248)291-7452 to receive instructions regarding unlocking and locking the doors.

Please note that this is only a request, not a guarantee. Do not assume that the room is reserved until you have made payment and received confirmation.  Note that AV equipment may be used with permission but should not to be moved from the room in which it is located.

No advertising is allowed on the property for one's events without explicit permission (see form field below).

Member: Less than 5 hours- $30
Member: More than 5 hours- $75
NonMember: Less than 5 hours- $50
NonMember: More than 5 hours- $100

EQUIPMENT USE FEES (Members only; rectangle tables and metal chairs only):

Member- $20

*There is a small fee for using the online payment service.

Makes checks payable to Gospel Life Church or pay online here: 

Gospel Life Church - FaithStreet

There are two forms below, one for Building Use and one for Equipment Use. Please fill out the appropriate form. Once the form is submitted, and the payment received, please contact (248)291-7452 to make arrangements to gain access to the building. Payments can be mailed, submitted to our Treasurer on Sundays before or after worship, or for faster processing the above link for an online payment can be used. Forms and payments must first be received before guarantee of the building or use of the equipment can be given.


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Today's Date
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If placing any advertising outside, please note it cannot exceed 16 square feet, and must not be placed between the sidewalk and the street per the city ordinance. Heavy fines apply from the city if violated. Please describe the advertising below. If none is required simply type "NA," thank you.
Clean-Up- I agree to follow the Kitchen Use Policy posted in Kitchen and to leave the building as I found it or better including the removal of all trash off the premises: *
Supplies- I agree to provide all of my own supplies in addition to those listed above including paper products, food, etc.: *
I agree to inform Gospel Life of any damage or issues that arise while I am using the building: *


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