Community, this is how we do it. Here you will meet people you can do life with. 

So here's how it started. In reading the New Testament we saw these "one-another" statements begin to pop out at us. Yet, as we compared these commands to our church culture and practice we began to see that the way we had been doing things wasn't leading to living out these commands in any deep or significant way. In fact, someone could be sitting next to you on Sunday morning, but you would likely never know that he or she had just been diagnosed with cancer, or had just lost a loved one, or was struggling with an addiction. 

The essence of all of these texts really is the role of a servant. The words we were used to when it came to "servant" were "deacon" and "minister." What we concluded was that we were all called to be ministers. This wasn't reserved for the elite super-Christian. 

So how could we love each other if we really didn't even know each other? Wasn't loving each other the way that our city was going to know we were disciples or followers of Jesus? Further, we realized, that in order to live out these commands, out of our genuine desire to truly model for others what Jesus modeled for us, we were going to need to facilitate deeper community. 

At first this seemed daunting, scary really. Living out our faith alone was more comfortable and less time-consuming, but this sounded selfish instead of selfless, and after all, weren't we supposed to be a family that made up the body of Christ? Didn't we truly need each other in order to be the church? 

The conclusion was we began to get very intentional about living in community with each other for the glory of God and the good of our city. It's called COMMUNITY GROUPS, and we love it. Now, we couldn't imagine doing life any other way. Our arms are opened wide to all those who would seek to join us in discovering what it means to be the family of God.

Join us!

Currently we have groups that meet on Tuesday and Wednesday. Click here to contact us for more info: